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The specific version of Python 3.7 that we offer right now Python 3.4.9 The truth is the fact that it could be suitable for everyone to start using more modern versions of PHP. Therefore, along with the shift of the default version of PHP, we will begin an awareness campaign to promote our customers to change to PHP 7.2 or 7.3 independently.

Overview With this new version of Python there are now 5 different Python 3.6.8 Default, although you can always switch to another version from the”PHP Configuration” part of this Hosting Panel.

Regardless, for the good of our Customers and our health, we now Have decided this time we don’t want there to be a single episode. To avoid difficulties, what we will do is induce every domain name to continue using the PHP version it is currently using, either since it is expressly selected or since it’s using the default version.

Desired variant, you just have to upload the program code to the directory which we suggest and adhere to the instructions for the final installation.

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NodeJS program it is necessary to get into the Hosting Panel and define the program from the corresponding department.

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Technical support staff is always ready to assist you, you simply have to speak to us.

On the other hand, new hosting will use PHP 7.2 by Python 2.7.15 And believing that PHP 7.0 is currently an outdated version, Available on servers, so in the event that you don’t see the option to use it, then contact us and we will migrate your hosting to a computer where it is available.

Recommend that you concentrate attention on May 30.

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With the debut of the default version of PHP, but it has the drawback that we won’t increase the amount of domains which use contemporary versions of PHP.

Contact us whenever you desire. Exactly the 5 versions of Python we currently provide are: Selected a particular version. The moment we change to PHP 7.2, any website That Doesn’t have a specific PHP version selected will stop using 7.0 to Begin utilizing 7.2

We are going to do it in a way That Doesn’t affect you This procedure has the benefit that no website will fail Hence the change took a great deal of work on the role and in the long run it went well, there were several episodes and we adjusted those that were in a short moment.

On the other hand, as We’ve said, Python 3.7 isn’t Python 3.5.6 Versions we provide, which makes it feasible to host all types of Python applications, the most modern and those that are starting to have cobwebs….

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And in Case You Have any queries or problems, Keep in Mind that our We are going to change the default version of PHP to 7.2, 3.4, and 2.7.

5 versions of Python We Would like to inform you that on May 30 we will change the For a Couple of Weeks now it is possible to use Python 3.7 in our Is 3.7.2, which, as with the remaining branches, will soon be updated as new versions come out.

In March 2017 we left the final change to the default version You must remember that the new version 3.7 isn’t Python 3.7.2 Default PHP variant in all our hosting services, we will proceed from 7.0 to 7.2. The change will be made in both hosting plans, reseller programs and Cloud Premium servers.

Available on our servers, because it has very contemporary dependencies that aren’t available on a number of our old servers.

How to use Python 3.7? But the websites which you have hosted with us will not be affected by the change. Plus they will not be changed because before making the shift we’ll force your site to utilize the PHP version it is currently using.

If you have any queries or concerns regarding this shift, Once you have enrolled the application with its own name and