How can I become an Affiliate?

Okay, we talked a lot about the people involved in affiliate marketing, but we kept the best person last.

So let’s talk about how you can fit into affiliate marketing.

If you are a blogger, you have several options . The bigger your audience, the more opportunities there are.

But it doesn’t have to be a very large audience. In fact, a smaller audience places you in the realm of “micro-influencers”, and companies love micro-influencers .

Microinfluencers offer better engagement and cost less than large scale influencers.

Statistics on the commitment of micro-influencers

Statistics on the commitment of micro-influencers

Naser Alubaidi, the growth marketer behind Venngage, says it well:

“In the past, affiliate marketing was limited to influencers with a wide audience reach. However, thanks to social media, and in particular Instagram , Snapchat and Twitter , anyone can be an affiliate (and an influencer) “.

That said, you still need some influence.

You can build yourself in a year, as the example we saw earlier shows, but you could have been part of the games for five years and have never seen even an affiliate entrance if you have never identified and studied your niche .

Narrowing down your niche should be the next step after creating your WordPress blog .

Here is the complete list:

Step 1: Join a Network and / or Partner Program

Or, start yours. We have mentioned some networks that you can already join, but there are others that are worth considering: CJ Affiliate and VigLink .

If you prefer not to follow this path, and I understand it, you can find partner programs with a quick search . What is your niche?

Use it to find potential programs to join.

For example, if you are creating a beauty blog, you may want to start with cosmetic retailers.

Go first and look for known names to see if they have a program for you.

For example, Ulta has a program you can join.

Affiliate network Ulta

Affiliate network Ulta

Sephora also has one .

Affiliate network of Sephora

Affiliate network of Sephora

But if none of these programs work for you, a simple search for a “beauty affiliate program” can give you hundreds of options in seconds in seconds.

SERP for Beauty Affiliate Program

SERP for “Beauty Affiliate Program”.

The same process would also apply to food blogs and travel blogs . Whatever your niche is, use it to find relevant programs, apply as a partner, then proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Choose the Relevant Products

Just because a retailer fits your niche doesn’t mean that every product is right for you. You have to commit to selling these products to earn a commission, so it’s important to find products that actually interest your audience.

For example, your niche would probably be much smaller than that of “beauty products for women”. If you were interested in selling beauty products from overseas, you would be interested in finding affiliate products that meet that criterion.

Profitable and niche products are the key to getting sales pages that record similar numbers

High conversion and sales rate

High conversion and sales rate

Even better if it is a product that you personally believe in and that you can guarantee. Becky Mollenkamp, ​​an online entrepreneur and small business owner, has recorded hundreds of sales in recent months thanks to her support for a product she truly believes in.

Once you have passed these two steps, the difficult part comes : promotion.

Step 3: Promote the Products

Writing on a blog is a fairly easy way to get started with product promotion, although it’s not as simple as posting a product and telling people to buy it. You have to produce high quality content (which is usually equivalent to writing long articles ) to present your thesis.

Longer posts can take longer, but they can generate up to nine times more leads , so it’s definitely worth it for an affiliate.

NerdWallet, for example, derives most of its income from partnerships. Almost all of their messages, even the reviews, exceed 1,000 words.

For example, look at this 6,000-word post on the best credit cards of 2018 .



While full of affiliate links, this piece remains focused on the usefulness of the use for the reader, rather than just worrying about sales: it is a strong example of how to do affiliate blogging in the right way.

It is also a great example of how to use long-tail keywords to drive traffic to your affiliate links .

Keywords long queue as “best credit card of 2018” ( best credit cards of 2018 ) have helped an affiliate to earn $ 16,433 .

If you are unfamiliar with long-tail keywords, you can read more about the topic in our SEO checklist .

In the meantime, here’s how to find the best ones.

First, go to LongTailPro .



Scroll down to open the dropdown menu with the free trial offer, then click on it and register an account.

Free trial LongTailPro

Free trial LongTailPro

Once finished, you will be returned to the dashboard.