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In France, the electronic commerce market is experiencing exponential growth and annual studies by Fevad, the Federation of e-commerce and distance selling, confirm this state of affairs. According to their latest research , as part of BtoB e-commerce, 87% of SME sites are profitable. This growth should further strengthen in the coming months in a market that will be around 200 billion euros by 2020, more than twice the current BtoC market in France (Insee, 2018). The question is to know who are the main e-commerce players on the web in France. To answer this question, we have identified the 25 most popular e-commerce sites on to assess their organic traffic as well as their audience. Methodolog.

TOP 25 of the most popular e-commerce sites on in 2019. Image: n Organic traffic To analyze the number of visitors to e-commerce sites, we used the Traffic Analysis tool . It is interesting to note that despite its small loss of traffic in the second quarter of 2019, Amazon continues to lead the game. Darty, Ikea and Décathlon have greatly improved their positions, in particular the latter, with almost 30% growth in organic traffic ! On the contrary, Samsung, Private Sales and Wish could not maintain their positions, accusing a drop in traffic in September. Discover the traffic of your competitors Traffic sources: Mobile VS Desktop Everyone is on mobile right now. And e-commerce is no exception. People are doing more and more research on Mobile, e-commerce giants like Amazon and Ebay are starting to play a search engine role. Our study of e-commerce trends confirms this development: visits via mobile exceed the desktop (by around 46%) in organic traffic, representing 75% of total e-commerce traffic . TOP 25 of the most popular e-commerce sites on in 2019. Image: n By zooming in on our winners in this ranking, this trend is also confirmed, mobile traffic continues to grow for Amazon, eBay and Cdiscount. Quite logically, we can notice a drop in desktop traffic of more than 60% since the beginning of 2019. Preview: E-commerce trends in France in 2019 – SEMrush study Ebook Ecommerce Trends in France in 2019 – Study SEMrush The number of e-commerce platforms and online shops is increasing every year. But do we really know how major retailers become leaders? How much effort is required to execute an effective online strategy? What should be done first and how? SEMrush conducted an e-commerce study to answer all these questions. We have… Audience analysis: overlap It goes without saying that site traffic and traffic sources can provide you with a very clear overview of the market. But what about the other factors? It is interesting to take a look at the overlapping audience , the percentage of users who visit the two competing sites, in order to assess the overall situation on the market relating to customer behavior, but also the positioning and communication. TOP 25 of the most popular e-commerce sites on in 2019. Image: n By analyzing the overlapping audiences of our TOP 3 e-commerce stores, we have highlighted that Amazon and Cdiscount have more than 45.69% of audience in common, while Amazon and eBay share only 24.09 %. This comparison reveals that Amazon visitors are less interested in eBay than Cdiscount customers. We can conclude that in France, Cdiscount is a bigger competitor for Amazon than eBay. Audience analysis: demography To better understand the e-commerce market in France by analyzing the TOP 3 of our ranking, we have deepened the niche by evaluating the average age as well as the percentage of men compared to women for each e-commerce. This allows a clear idea of ​​the target audience profile to be formed. TOP 25 of the most popular e-commerce sites on in 2019. Image: n For the 3 giants, the majority of the audience in France is made up of 25-34 year olds. For Amazon and Cdiscount, the gender distribution is identical: 50%. Note, however, that eBay’s audience is more male than female.